Road transport is carried out on a daily basis throughout Europe.
We use 75 trucks, all manned with scilled drivers. Our drivers also handle transportation of hazardous goods (ADR).

We have years of experience in dealing with sea containers in the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Zeebrugge and Terneuzen. These containers can be checked in, stored, stripped and stuffed in our warehouse (fully entrepot-C customs lincense). We can carry out distribution throughout Europe.

We have most experience with transport of packaged goods, but we can also carry out container transport as well as bulk trnasport.
By means of advanced bulk loading systems we are able to load your products from small bags or big bags into our bulk carriers.
If you wish your goods must be weight, you can realise this on our certificated weighbridge (certificate).

We can do 'just-in -time' delivery, and look after the correct treatment of your products. All required transport documents can be printed by our automated computer system.


During national transport is in case of damage the liability insured according to the Dutch AVC conditions or during international transport according to the CMR agreement.
If you require additional insurance we can arrange that for you.

For more information and rates please contact:


R. Tieleman
Phone: +31(0)114687471

A. Tieleman 
Phone: +31(0)114687473

S. de Nekker
Phone: +31(0)114687492